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Copywriting That Gets The Reader To Take Action

Do you have a low opening rate when it comes to having people read your emails? or how about this have you ever wrote a blog post and seem like no one read it? Well I know I have and I am sure that any entrepreneur that is engage in doing business online have asked themselves  how I can get people to take more action on the content I produce. In a effort to better my results. I began to learn more on the subject of copywriting. I wanted a better understanding  of the power of words. Through the course of my research I some interested things.


 Understanding The Duty Of A Catchy Headline

Headlines are the first and perhaps only, impression you make on a prospective reader. Without a compelling promise that turns a person who looks at your content to actually reading it, the rest of your words may as well not event exist. So from a coppering  and content marketing standpoint, writing a great headline is a important skill.  Here’s a interested statistic I learn about headlines. Did you know that 8 out of 10 people will read your head line copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. Think about that for a moment because this is the secret to the power of your headline, and why it so highly determines the effectiveness of the entire piece. Your headline is a promise to the reader. Its job is to clearly communicate the benefits you’ll deliver to the reader in exchange for their valuable time. Promise tend to be made before fulfilled. Writing your content first puts you in the position of having to reverse-engineer your promise. This is why you should always write your headline first. 

Why Some People Almost Always Write Great Headlines

People who consistently produce winning headlines have learned to do three basic things:

1. They understand that all compelling headlines make an intriguing promise that makes it almost irresistible to its target audience.. Understanding the intended audience is key…a really great headline generally won’t appeal to everyone, and watering it down for mass appeal will only hurt you.

2. They study headlines that have been proven to work, and that usually means direct response advertising headlines. In that context, proven to work means people responded to that particular headline by pulling out their wallets and making a purchase. You can also learn by studying some of the top magazine headline writers who work for Cosmopolitan and similar glossies, and even the tabloids you see at the supermarket checkout lane.

3. Most importantly, rather than simply mimicking great headlines,they understand why the headline works and therefore can make an education decision as to which type of headline structure is most appropriate and how to tweak it within a certain context

An Interested Thought on Email Copywriting And Catchy Headlines

While researching on getting better at copywriting and creating catchy headlines that get read, I came across an article dealing with email marketing and according to that article did you know that email marketing companies don’t actually know when an email is opened. It’s not like Gmail sends a notification to MailChimp to say “Hey, your subscriber opened the email.”
You can only track two things in an email: if images were loaded and if any links were clicked. If either of those happen the email is marked as opened.
But if you use Gmail you’ve probably seen the “do you want to display images?” message. Gmail is looking out for your privacy and blocking all images unless it is from a trusted sender (or you directly authorize it).
If images are blocked, then the email marketing provider can’t know if the email was opened.

An example:
Let’s say you send an email to 10 subscribers and all of them open the email. But if 4 of the 10 have images blocked (including the little tracking pixel), your email marketing provider will report a 60% open rate (instead of the technically accurate 100%).


Now let’s say your email has an image in the body with a tantalizing caption. Those with images blocked will see an outline where the image should be and the caption, they have to click display images to see it.
If all 4 of the recipients who had display images off before turn it on to see this image, the tracking pixel will also be loaded. Meaning the open rate will now be reported (correctly) at 100%.
So you can always get your email marketing provider to report a higher open rate including images that people will want to see in the email.
Note this increases the reported open rate, not the actual open rate. In our example above the actual open rate was always 100%.


The Cheater’s Guide To Copywriting Great Catchy Headlines

Imagine the life of the copywriter … a solitary figure staring intently at a computer screen (or out the window), flexing those mental muscles to create a killer headline out of thin air that will result in millions of dollars in sales.

Well, maybe not.

A more likely scenario has the copywriter looking for inspiration in her collection of winning space ads, sales letters and even the latest issue of Cosmo. She’ll also consult books that consist of nothing more than collections of headlines proven to work.

These compilations are called swipe files, and they’re worth their weight in gold when it comes to crafting great headlines.

Why? Because great headlines are constructed in certain time and money- tested ways that can be adapted into different contexts and re-used over and over. Anytime a promotion rakes in big bucks, you can bet copywriters and direct marketers will be studying, and saving, that headline for future reference.


7 Catchy Headlines Formulas You Can Put In Your Swapfile

1) How To + (Benefit)

Example; How to win friends and influence people or How to Get A Better Job and Make More Money

2) How to (Mundane Tsk) that (Rewarding Benefit)

Example Hoe to Get a Mortgage That Saves You Money or How to Get a Mortgage That Cuts your Monthly Payments in Half

3) Who else wants (Blank)

example: Who else wants a Great WordPress Theme? or Who else wants More Fun and Less Stress When on a Vacation

4) The Secret of (blank)

example: The secret of successful Podcasting or The secret of Getting Your Home Load Approved

5) Here is a Method that is helping (Blank) to (blank)

example: Here is a Method that is helping homeowners save hundreds on insurance or Here is a method that is helping bloggers write better post title

6)Little know ways to (Blank)

example: Little known ways to save on your heating bill or Little known ways to loose weight quickly and safely

7) Get Rid Of (Problem) Once and For All

example:Get rid of that carpet stain once and for all or Get rid of your unproductive work habits once and for all

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