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Where Does Value Come From And How To Ensure Your Business Has It

Today prospects for your mlm business are looking for the best opportunity with the most Value. Value is about how important your potential customers thinks you or your business opportunity are to them.  Do you realize that the quality divided by your price will equal the perceived value? Your quality has to rank higher than the price you ask images (2)someone to pay for your product or service or your prospect will end up looking for a different Network marketing Opportunity.

Does your product or service truly provides a solution to your prospect’s wants and needs? That’s the question to ask yourself because the real measure of value that you provide to be successful, should be more than what your prospect expects. In the book, The Science Of Getting Rich it states that in order to get rich a person should always give more in use value than is asked of monetary value

Dictionary Define Value As:

• “the amount that something is worth; the price or cost of something;”

• “usefulness or importance;”

• “a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged;”

• “the worth of something; relative worth, “something that can be bought for a low or fair price,” utility, or importance.”

A Conversation About Network Marketing Recruiting And Its Value: 

Recruiting in network marketing has value  This value provides multiple benefits to your prospects both as a partner and a customer of your business. These benefits are communicated to your prospects in such a way in order to get them to make a decision to take one of two actions which are to buy your product or become a team member and if everything goes well, you’ll achieve both at the same time. The big question here that you should ask yourself is Can I clearly communicate these benefits to my prospect? If someone asked you to state three benefits of your product, could you list them off quickly and clearly? Do you know your product benefits and advantages cold, or do you fumble about? Have you even studied your product’s benefits inside and out, so that you CAN talk about them easily?  Are you consuming the products yourself and can speak from personal experience? What benefits are you getting from them?  This is important.

Most prospects will look at the quality of a product side by side with its price. However, this will be an incomplete picture of what your opportunity has to offer them

warren-buffett-quote-on-value-definitionIn fact, according to billionaire Warren Buffett, who also owns a stake in three Network Marketing companies, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

The beauty of network marketing is that you can dream big. You can achieve a lot by giving support to others who also have big dreams because there is no penalty and no climbing over others up the corporate ladder to success.

Robert T. Kiyosaki, in addressing network marketing as a workplace opportunity, wrote, “This is a value worth having – a business and people who help others make their dreams come true.”  That’s a great value statement for the network marketing opportunity.Robert-Kiyosaki-good-grades-counterfeiting-money-us-coins-plaster-of-Paris-Crest-toothpaste-tubes

Value may not be the newest concept in marketing, but improving the value of your network marketing opportunity will always be the right way to go to reach the success you seek.

How Can I Improve The Perceived Value For My Prospects Right Away: 3 Things You Can Do NOW

value1Here Is list of three things you can do right now to improve the perceive value of your business to your prospects.


  1. Look up in a glossary or dictionary the definitions of basic words associated with your products.
  2. Practice your understanding of these terms and what they mean by writing up at least 10-12 sentences using the different term definitions in them.
  3. Practice telling a friend, who poses as a prospect, about your product benefits, but do this AFTER you have completed steps 1 and 2.

If you take the time and go through the above outline I’m sure  the process will increase your confidence when talking to your prospects. You will be able to apply what you’ve learned and now know to real-life situations and truly help your prospects gain a real understand of the value. You’ll do better than you imagined you could. In the very least, you’ll find network marketing recruiting is more enjoyable and easier, and your results will be better.


To giving better value



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