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The one thing you need In Network Marketing is an pool of ever-increasing warm market. How do you go about making that happen You first must start from where you are by using your current network then learn how to expand beyond your current network of people who know you and bring these people under your sphere of influence. Knowing your resources and how to handle them correctly is a critical mlm business building skill. Let’s take a look.

The People Most Close To You


When stating any business regardless if its Network Marketing or a traditional business, the first recommendations and referrals you turn to are from people you know, usually friends and family . In other words, your initial “warm market.”

Network marketers in today’s world look to build a business which connects people and products together across many different social  and geographical boundaries —  This new playing field dictates the networker’s activities.

The online world requires you to learn new skills and engage in new activities like blogging, webinars to name a few.

We live in a digital world and network marketing has been affected as well. The internet has given  the world of networking the biggest playing field than ever before in the history of network marketing.

However, one of the basic of network marketing that is still relevent is the fact that your business must move past its initial warm market list as quickly as possible and develop a new warm market perpetually.

The bottom line  that one should never violate is, “Never burn the warm list bridge behind you!” simply because your warm market prospects remain one of the greatest resources for the growth of an team.

Family and friends who continue to respect you will give you referrals, be your customer and, when circumstances change in their lives, may actually say “yes” to your presentation one day.

Here’s Some Influence Training

Here are some tips that not only work offline but online as well  for warm market.

1. When someone makes a decision not to partner up with you in your business…don’t criticize them  . The door of their network could close behind you which one day may have opened a pathway to someone who might have earned you a fortune in your team.

Remember, of the first 500 people who opted in to the Amway opportunity, 495 fell away in a short time, but the remaining five built a billion-dollar business by working together. Berating someone for their lack of interest is unprofessional and out of place.

2. Remember : ”No” rarely means no forever. The family member or friend that may have rejected you and your offers could come into some really bad financial situation. If you shame them or showed him lack of human respect, they could do worse  than not join you but tell others that you are a scam artist

3. It’s all in the numbers, not the yeses or no’s. Some prospects reach out after one conversation, others take multiple conversations. The core of networking is finding out exactly what prospects mean when they give you a “no.” Rather it on the first conversation or the tenth. Your job is by understanding the true objection could open the door to the change for the better that rocks your business!

4.Don’t hassle or become a pest. If your prospects clearly are not interested, move on. Get yourself in front of new people who might see your business or product. Satisfied customers are the new warm list, and they will bring you other people who want what they have.













Having a list of people who know like and trust you aka a Warm-list has always been part of building a Network Marketing business from the early days  as an industry to where it is today. It will always be an important part of the business. Leaders use both the old school and brand-new online warm markets as the common places they go to for expansion. While the campus changes every day, the rules of common courtesy remain the same.

One of the key tools that I use to help me build my warm market from a cold market is The Total Shortcut System. The Total Shortcut System is both cutting edge and traditional all rolled up into one powerful tool.

As your leads arrive from your advertising to your landing pages, the system captures them and sends them to the heart of the platform – your CRM. The Total Shortcut System then shows the four key videos that teaches you how marketing works and exactly what you need to do to make money right now. Then, they’ll receive a series of emails educating and informing them on the power of network marketing.

Before you know it, you’ll be on the phone with them helping them to learn more about your business and products. It’s not only a complete CRM, but it is backing you up every step of the way, and it’s easy to use, time-efficient, and keeps you organized.

There is even a $7 two-week  trial of the system. Not only will you put an end to the disorganization and confusion in your leads and prospects for yourself, but you’ll put your recruiting into high gear

Go take the system for a test drive. You’ll be happy that you did.

Go here and get it NOW


To building  a business while having a life,


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